[WWI] Modelling strut end caps

SSH wwi@wwi-models.org
Tue Dec 2 10:51:00 2003

Shane, Lance, Tom, Pedro,
   Thank you all for your suggestions.  Yesterday evening I tried 
Shane's technique of crash-moulding, and Lance's tissue paper 
   The crash-moulding did not work out too well, but I didnt try too 
hard and I was running short on styrene sheet.  The main problem was 
that I could not successfully stretch the plastic far enough to 
achieve a tight fit around the strut.
   Lance's idea seems to work very well,   After being impregnated 
with white glue, the surface if the tissue is quite smooth, not fuzzy 
as I expected.  It also seems to give the right scale effect for 
thickness, and among the different materials, it is ofcourse  the 
easiest to work.  I am going to try the metal foil approach, but 
looks like the tissue idea is a clear winner.