[WWI] 1/12 Scale Fokker E-III

Allan Wright wwi@wwi-models.org
Tue Dec 2 10:31:00 2003

This is from the Peter Rake kit (www.pr-kits.com) but since
Peter does all of the WWI plans for FSM, I'm sure it's VERY
similar to the plan in the magazine, only smaller. The one in
the magazine is for a Speed-400 motor (probably about 1/10 scale)
and this one is for a Speed-280 (1/12 scale).

Any of Peter's planes are a great way to start building scale
WWI R/C models. His planes fly great and build relatively 


On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 10:24, Steven Perry wrote:
> > I've posted a few photos of the E-III I'm working on
> > so people will know what I'm asking about the large
> > decals for: http://www.wwi-models.org/Images/Wright/index.html
> > I'm just starting to work on the details like markings, etc.
> > so at this point it's only semi-scale. It will get full
> > rigging once the markings are on.
> >
> > Enjoy,
> > Allan
> Nice looking model Allan. Is that the one that there were plans for in
> Flying Scale Models, (V6 #46)?
> I'm saving up for a short kit of a Halbie D.III., but looking at your photos
> and those magazine plans sure gets the balsa juices flowing. Very dangerous
> ;-)
> sp
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