[WWI] 1/12 Scale Fokker E-III

Allan Wright wwi@wwi-models.org
Tue Dec 2 10:27:59 2003

I have a friend locally that has an Alps who has offered
to print decals if I go that route.

I could cut them out of blank decal film, but I'm hoping
to find a method that I could reproduce without doing it
by hand, since there are a lot of these R/C kits sold and
if I could make a decal set, it would be a popular product
for my R/C business. I already sell Spandau gun kits for
this same model, so if I could offer decals I'm sure they
would be popular.

For my own plane, sure just making them by hand would probably
be the easiest route.


On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 10:21, Lance Krieg wrote:
> Allan, I know you are working out the fonts for the serial.  And while
> one can't usually print waterslide decals using an inkjet, a laser
> copier can definitely turn inkjet art into decals.
> Can you not scale up the crosses you want using the office copier and
> white or blank decal film?
> Lance
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