[WWI] Eduard J.1 whine

Michael Kendix wwi@wwi-models.org
Tue Dec 2 09:15:01 2003

>From: "Shane Weier" <bristolf2b@hotmail.com>
>"The PART set was a mixed bag. Some of the pieces in the PART set are 
>superb (the seats, "instrument panel, Scarff ring) while others are 
>disappointing (giant windscreen, microscopic "turnbuckles). This is typical 
>of most PE sets though, I find (I have yet to use an entire PE set on "any 
>project). The interior is quite well detailed but a similar effect may be 
>possible with strip and "rod with much less effort.
>I rest my case, but first need to allow that Will is just a first class 
>modeller and only a slight kook ;-)

All true & I would never believe that the whole fret could be used, so it's 
a matter of degree.  In this case, there seemed to be a fair amount of 
useful stuff.  In other cases, such as the J.1 there's very little.

BTW, the reasons I tired using Humbrol on the underside blue were:

1. I recall your prior recommendation of Humbrol paint - robustness and ease 
of application.
2. Major chemical spill involving a tipped over bottle of Model Master light 
blue enamel that almost emptied the bottle.  Required large amount of paper 
towels on clean up though fortunately, SWMBO was in bed asleep so I didn't 
get into any additional trouble.


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