[WWI] Portuscala 03 ---> UK Nats List invasion

dave fleming wwi@wwi-models.org
Tue Dec 2 03:17:01 2003

Quoting Shane Weier <bristolf2b@hotmail.com>:

> SP
> >Perhaps anyone in the UK who does contact the Comp. Sec. could mention that
> >the List will be sending some models to support the reinstatement of the 
> >WWI
> >trophys. That can't but help weigh in on the side of reinstating the
> >trophys.
> Maybe, though AIUI the trophies have already been reinstated by being 
> sponsored in advance, and what we're doing is supportingthe people who 
> sponsored the trophies and helping to justify their confidence in the 
> future.

If Peter or Bernard could confirm, we need to check if it is a separate entry, 
or awarded from the main classes. (For the colonials and other foreigners, IPMS 
UK has, in the past at least, the main competition classes and separate entry 
trophies. Just to confuse things, it also has trophies awarded to models of 
certain subjects in the main competition classes as well (e.g. best Spitfire)!!)