[WWI] removing decals

Robert Laskodi wwi@wwi-models.org
Tue Dec 2 01:15:00 2003

I have just ran into this problem using a very expensive, very large, ot kit
that came with very cool looking but very bad decals that I tried to use. If
you can't soak the decals off (I suspect this is the case since you already
tried the masking tape trick) you are basically hosed. I buffed at the
offending decals with a Scotch Brite kitchen pad until they were basically
buffed off. In some cases I had to go all the way down through the paint
(since I had to use Solvaset that actually melted the decals into the
paint). I then repainted the buffed off areas with my airbrush. I was
surprised at how well this worked, since you can't even tell where the old
decals used to be. 
HTH and Good Luck