banana bending was [WWI] Portuscala 03

Ross & Wendy Moorhouse
Tue Dec 2 00:52:00 2003

Eh, that's about right too eh. 

Eh Ross

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>Because those from Queensland only can croak.... ;-)




To really tork like a queeeeenslaandaa, don't forget to put "Eh" in your
sentences as well. For example; in behind: "Its nice weather today eh?"
"Did you see that huge cane toad eh?", or Sometimes front and back; "Eh
Mate, that bloody great cane toad just took your chook eh!"; or for full
emphasis: "Eh, that shiela eh mate?, that one from Inala eh?, just
that cane toad eh? Maaaate!"



Neil E

Ross & Wendy Moorhouse

Ross & Wendy Moorhouse
Mon Dec 1 21:47:00 2003

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Because those from Queensland only can croak.... ;-)



Neil Eddy
Watsonia Office
Berry Street Victoria

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