[WWI] Portuscala 03 - Modelworld 04

Steven Perry wwi@wwi-models.org
Tue Dec 2 00:00:06 2003

> My concept was to support the Modelworld (UK Nats) contest and > >
hopefully  help build an impressive *selection* of OT models that would >
vindicate the people who chose to put their own money on the line to > > pay
for the trophies.

> We still need to find some kind listee or listees who will receive the
> models and enter them on our behalf

> IIRC  is now restricted to IPMS members. That probably means that I > at
least have  to ante up as an IPMS member first,

I am in total agreement with the first point and concur that the other two
are not going to be insurmountable problems.

It never hurts to run up the number of OT models on any contest table. Who
knows what kid's imagination will be fired up? In a show as heavily weighted
to the trade as recent reports seem to indicate is the case with the UK
Nats, it can't hurt for manufacturer's reps to see a healthy competition
for WWI subjects. It all seems like a no- loose proposition to me, not to
mention loads of fun.