[WWI] Portuscala 03 - Modelworld 04

Shane Weier wwi@wwi-models.org
Mon Dec 1 22:59:00 2003

E says:

 > So for this list competition, are we all going to build the same kit? I
 > agree with the 1/72 restriction.
 > Can I vote for something easy, without a lot of rigging that can pop off
 > during transit? I was first thinking the Rodent D-VII, however, I'd 

Personally, I don't intend to tell anyone what I'm building - I need an edge 
the size of a halberd if I hope to be noticed at all.

My concept was to support the Modelworld (UK Nats) contest and hopefully 
help build an impressive *selection* of OT models that would vindicate the 
people who chose to put their own money on the line to pay for the trophies.

I don't suppose it matter much if some of us build the same kit in some sort 
of internal contest though....

We still need to find some kind listee or listees who will receive the 
models and enter them on our behalf, and some way of paying them for the 
expense of entry fees (and postage if the models are to come home), but I 
don't think that's insurmountable.

One question arises though. Modelworld was an open contest in 2000, but IIRC 
is now restricted to IPMS members. That probably means that I at least have 
to ante up as an IPMS member first, either here or perhaps in the UK. Not 
insurmountable either, and I'm willing.



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