[WWI] (Slightly) o/t kit search

wwi@wwi-models.org wwi@wwi-models.org
Mon Dec 1 20:50:00 2003

Does anybody know if anyone makes a 1/72 kit (in any medium ) of: a Bartel 
BM5; a Hanriot HD 28 or a Nikol A-2?

Airmodel and Czechmaster are both supposed to make kits of a Brequet 19 but I 
have ordered one or both from about 87 dealers in the last two years and none 
have ever shown up.  Does anyone know of a dealer who might have one or the 
other in stock, or can REALLY get one?

The frustration resulting from this has caused some rather erratic behaviour 
on my part - my wife has taken to keeping me locked in the cedar closet except 
when I have to go to work.  I smell like last year's Christmas sweater from 
Aunt Belladonna.  This is not a serious problem at this time of year, but I 
fear that by Summer people well start to snicker and point.

Oh! Please help!

John Biskupski