[WWI] Portuscala 03

Shane Weier wwi@wwi-models.org
Mon Dec 1 19:31:00 2003

Nigel says:

>Many congrats on the successes at Protuscala. Shane, you've continued to
>support competitions around the world without being there, so well done.
>But when do we get to see the Halbie at Scale Modelworld?

Perhaps never. However, since the discussion about the UK IPMS last week, I 
have been seriously contemplating making real effort to finish a model for 
that contest and posting it to someone who will be attending - maybe leaving 
the model with him afterwards as my thanks and to avoid his being stuck with 
teh cost of postage!

In fact - I've been wondering whether this isn't an opportunity for an 
International Listees Contest.

Any takers?  Would have to be 1/72 (worse luck) because I for one wouldn't 
try to post a 1/48 model across the world but feelfairly confident of a well 
chosen 1/72 model getting there safely.



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