[WWI] Modelling strut end caps

Pedro Soares wwi@wwi-models.org
Mon Dec 1 17:42:00 2003


how about wrapping the end on the strut in a strip of bare metal foil?

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Subject: [WWI] Modelling strut end caps

> I am now building struts for my 1:48 RE.8.
> The struts themselves are made by sandwiching a thin piano wire 
> between two sheets of veneer, then sanded to shape.
>    The RE8 struts have prominent metal end-caps that also incorprate 
> eyes to anchor some of the rigging wires.
>     I am not sure how to simulate these end-caps. 
>  I tried gluing small bits of .001 brass sheet, but that doesnt work 
> well.
>    The simplest is to simulate the end-caps with paint, and that will 
> be my last resort.
>    Has anybody had success with other approaches?  I think somebody 
> of the list mentioned decal paper.
> Any tips, photos of models, will be greatly appreciated.
> thanks in advance
> Sanjeev