[WWI] Spin 1/48 SVA 5

Lance Krieg wwi@wwi-models.org
Mon Dec 1 13:54:11 2003

I would like to congratulate anyone who has had the forebearance,
patience, and dexterity to assemble this pernicious little SOB. 
Candice, are you out there?  How in the hell did you do it!?

I spent the weekend, using every jig and trick in my entire arsenal,
trying to assemble the truss wing struts and confirm my assault
strategy, to no avail.  Frustrated and humiliated, I was thinking of
building nothing but snap-together tanks for the rest of my life.

I am regrouping and determined to succeed, even if it means assembling
both wings from a solid chunk of plastic and whittling away everything
that isn't supposed to be a strut.

But my hat is off to Ms. Uhlir!

I'm glad I'm back at work...