[WWI] December Internet Modeler

Michael Kendix wwi@wwi-models.org
Mon Dec 1 11:32:00 2003

>From: dave fleming <dave.fleming@dial.pipex.com>
>Firewalls and IM don't always agree - I can see half Shane's ship photos 
>some red 'X'), but yours and Michael's articles look like there are no 
>until I turn ZoneAlarm off. Took me a couple of months to notice this - 
>Chris etc were saving server space by not putting so many images up!

Ah yes, ZoneAlarm.  I use it and it has its eccentricities - won't allow 
downloads of attachments fom Hotmail.  Yes, certain sites pictures do not 
appear such as Eric "le Francais" and Matt's VVS site.

BTW, an excellent issue of IM all round except for my evil twin with that 
P-*7 - What a nuisance he is!  His real name is Percy.


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