[WWI] Strutter Cowl treatment

Steven Perry wwi@wwi-models.org
Mon Dec 1 11:26:01 2003

Cut a round toothpick in half and chuck one of them into a dremel tool
pointed end out. Now trim the pointed end off square to give yourself a
diameter that looks good to you. On a metal painted surface, smear a little
rub & buff and then go to burnishing the circular marks with the tool you
made. You have to keep the disc end of the tool even with the surface and
use a very light touch.. Work small areas at a time. If you mess it up,
apply more Rub & Buff and do it over. I suppose thick metallic paint would
work instead of rub & buff. I also suspect that the tool would work on
foiled cowls, though it really would take a light touch there.


> Listers,
>         What are your suggestions on how to do the "burnished metal"
> treatment on a 1/72nd scale Sopwith 1.5 Strutter?
> TIA,
> Warren