[WWI] Paradise! After 30 years

Pedro Soares wwi@wwi-models.org
Mon Dec 1 09:21:01 2003

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> I've been reading the new Breguet Datafile special this weekend,
> and Allan Touelle says (with plenty of reservations naturally)
> that they were rather beige than yellow. The yellowing is probably
> caused by aging of the varnish.


Remember the Nieuport at Linkoping? I think it was not painted )or was it?)
and it yes as yellow as yellow can be.

Also Guynemer's Spad is quite yellow.

I think it's just a variation of  CDL, that's all. But of course I may be
wrong. I'll have a look at Phillipe Osce's book again ...

I'm going to veer in that direction
> on my next Spad. Never heard of a WW1 silver Spad.

at least, Portuguese, Brazilian, Peruvian, Romanian.

But there is no conclusive proof, as far as I know.

We should wait for Tomasz book on this subject.



> /Neil C.