User Guide

Create a new submission


You submit your model to the WWI Model Gallery in a sequence of steps:

  1. enter information about your subject (Header, write-up, etc)

  2. up-load photos of the subject

  3. select one of the images to be the header thumbnail. 

  4. generate a pre-view of your subject's web page

  5. look at the preview. Repeat steps 2 - 5 until you are satisfied with its appearance

  6. submit it.

  7. The web administrator eventually posts your submission in the WWI model gallery.

The above steps need not be performed in one session. You can stop at any point in the process and resume it later from that point.

A step by step description

Now look at the bottom of the page: you will see a section labelled Images.  This section is for uploading images of your subject.