Morane-Saulnier WW1 1/72nd Scale Models

Note: Those kits listed in italics are currently in production.

Morane-Saulnier Type Model Manufacturer Model Material Comments Accuracy (shape, outline, etc.) Ease of Construction Kit Completeness
Type AC Airkit Resin Unknown
Veterans 72 Resin Well moulded, no cockpit detail. 7 6 6
Type AI CzechMaster Review Resin Superb model. 10 9 10
Cramer-Craft Vacuformed Plastic Unknown
Formaplane Vacuformed Plastic w/metal parts Nicely done. 7 7 7
Merlin Injected Plastic w/metal parts Be prepared to spend a lot of time bringing this model "up to scale". 4 4 4
Type BB Airkit Resin Unknown
Eastern Models Vacuformed Plastic w/metal parts Excellent kit. 8 8 8
Veterans 72 Resin Poorly moulded, minimal detail. 7 5 5
Type G HR Models (Hora) Resin Unknown
Roseplane Resin Nice kit 7 7 7
Type H HR Models (Hora) Resin Unknown
Type I Temeks Review Injected Plastic Very well done kit with no cockpit. 7 6 6
Type L 12 Squared Injected Plastic Nice kit, but a little thick. 5 5 5
Airframe Vacuformed Plastic Poorly moulded, no details. Unknown
HR Models (Hora) Review Resin Very nice kit. The only negative is the thick wing. While the fuselage is only meant as a single seater, cutting out the area for the rear gunner/ observer shouldn't be too difficult. 7 7 7
Scale Planes Vacuformed Plastic Well moulded, but under-sized all over! Unknown
Type N HR Models (Hora) Resin Nice kit. More accurate than the Revell. Provides an extra propellor and Vickers gun to build a Type I or V. 7 7 7
Revell Review Injected Plastic Major outline errors. 2 5 5
Type P Airkit Resin Unknown
Joystick Vacuformed Plastic Nice Kit, parts for French or RFC a/c. 7 7 6
Veterans 72 Resin Well moulded basic parts, metal parts poor 7 5 5

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