1/72nd Scale Hanriot Models

Note: Those kits listed in italics are currently in production.

Hanriot Type Model Manufacturer Model Material Comments Accuracy (shape, outline, etc.) Ease of Construction Kit Completeness
HD.1 Classic Plane Vacuformed Plastic Well done kit, contains parts for HD1 or HD2. 8 6 7
Formaplane Vacuformed Plastic Well moulded kit. Engraved ribbing detail on flying surfaces. Excellent raised ribbing on fuselage decking. Nice instruction sheet, with colour notes and profiles. 6 7 7
Pegasus Injected Plastic Very well done model, containing white metal parts but no cockpit detail. 6 6 8
HD.2 No Known Kits.
HD.3 Roseplane Vacuformed Plastic Excellent model. 9 8 8

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