Lozenge Camouflage Information

Lozenge Images

The first is Mark Shannon's image. He generated the palette and 'swatches' in Corel Draw/Presentations, just so he could suggest the way to anyone with a color drawing package.

The left hand palette is the Datafile values, with the extremes of the color range given as the two separate colors - two rows of upper, two rows of lower. The next two squares are 'swatches' of these colors, blended across the color area for each shape.

The right side is from the values Hans Trauner supplied. Mark did the same thing, but since only the lowerside blue, yellow, and rose tones had a range given, it is not the same 'blended' effect.

The background rectangle is a grey of 75, 75, 75 RGB value. The outline of the detail area is black of 0,0,0 RGB. In Corel Draw/Presentations the RGB values run from 0-255 for each.

This second image is from parts unknown.

Lozenge Colors

Written by:Guy Fawcett gfawcett@nofc.forestry.ca

Well here is my first shot in the lozenge war. About a year ago I borrowed a copy of the Metheun Handbook of colour and tried my hand at matching FS# to Metune references (tedious work). I was not entirely satisfied with the result (note in the five colour upper I ended up with two colours with only one FS# close). So people who can try the same exercise again might shed some light on a set of more precise matches or maybe confim some of my choices. As I mentioned in the first letter about this I then tried to match a set of lozenge decals that accompany Kosters Vacum form kits. Does anyone know if Koster has the decals made up for him exclusivly or wether they actually come from a major decal manufacturer?
FS# to
Decal	FS#  to   Methuen    DESCRIPTION     

	13618     4.5B6   5B AMBER YELLOW        
	15177     21.5D6  5B COPENHAGEN BLUE   
	15193     24.5D4  5B GREYISH TURQUOISE 
	17142     14.5D4  5B GREYISH MAGENTA   
	17142     12CD5   5B GREYISH RUBY       

	34524     28D5.5  5T DEEP GREYISH GREEN 
	37100     17E5.5  5T DEEP GREYISH VIOLET
	14255     4.5D6   5T HONEY YELLOW     
	15102     21E6.5  5T DULLISH DEEP BLUE

33538	13637     4.5C7   4B BRAZEN YELLOW
15065	15107     23D4    4B DULL CHINA BLUE 
21158+W	21158     11B5    4B GREYISH ROSE    
14110	24241     26D4    4B DULL GREYISH GREEN 

30215	14255     4.5D4   4T OLIVE BROWN        
25231+B	15177     21D4    4T DULL BLUE          
24108	15193     24.5E7  4T DEEP TURQUOISE     
14449	24552     29.5D5  4T PEA GREEN          

4T = 4 colour top
4B = 4 colour bottom
5T = 5 colour top
5B = 5 colour bottom

+W = add white or lighter
+B = add black or darker

Another Lozenge Attempt

Written by: Doug Jones djones@iex.com

After reading the lozenge material in the WWI home page I dug this out and offer it as another data point. This material comes from the R/C Modeler lozenge stencils.
This is for a 5 color pattern:

Color           Munsell                 Humbrol
Purple          5P 3/4                  MC26 Royal Purple
Ochre           2.5Y 5/4                62 Leather
Green           7.5 GY 4/4              HF2 Vert
Blue            5 PB 2/6                56 Tank Gray
Blue-Gree       7.5 BG 3/4              88 Deck Green

Color           Munsell                 Humbrol
Purple          5P 4/4                  As Upper
Yellow          10 YR 6/6               HG7 German Pale yellow
Lilac           5 RP 5/6                MC10 Polish Crimson
Blue            2.5 PB 4/4              HU 13 Azure
Blue-Gree       7.5 BG 3/4              As Upper

Cammoflage Patterns

The following references are from the December 1969 Issue of Scale Models magazine from an article entitled Cammoflage Petterns
                4 Color Pattern
Top Surface     Methuen Ref.    Munsell Ref.
=============== =============== ===========================
Dull Blue       21D4            6PB/4.9/5.1
Deep Turquiose  24E7-25E7       5B/2.4/4.6-7BG/3.7/4.4
Olive Brown     4D4-5D4         5Y/5.9/2.9-8.5YR/5.5/2.8
Pea Green       29D5-30D5       5GY/5.9/3.1-2GY/5.9/3.1

Bottom Surface  Methuen Ref.    Munsell Ref.
=============== =============== ===========================
Dull China Blue 23D4            2.5PB/5.1/4.1
Dull Grey Green 26D4            7G/5.4/2.3
Yellow Ocre     4C7-5C7         5Y/6.3/8.4-9YR/6.0/8.3
Greyish Rose    11B5            9RP/6.2/6.7

                5 Color Pattern
Top Surface     Methuen Ref.    Munsell Ref.
=============== =============== ===========================
Violet          Between         Between
                17E5 - 17E6     2.5P/3.6/5.5-2P/3.0/6.8
Honey Yellow    4D6-5D6         5.5Y/5.8/5.6-8.5YR/5.2/5.3
Deep Grey-Green 28D5-28D6       6.5GY/5.7/3.2-7GY/5.6/4.4
Deep Turquoise  24E6-24F6       6B/3.7/3.9-7B/2.9/3.0
Dull Deep Blue  21E6-21E7       5.5PB/3.2/6.4-5PB/2.9/7.6

Bottom Surface  Methuen Ref.    Munsell Ref.
=============== =============== ===========================
Grey Magenta    14D4-15D4       9.5P/5.1/5.1-5.5P/5.0/5.3
Golden Wheat    4B6-5B6         3.5Y/7.6/7.7-7.5YR/7.3/7.6
Greyish Ruby    12C5-12D5       5.5RP/5.4/5.9-5.5RP/4.6/5.2
Grey Turquoise  24D4-25D4       8.5B/5.3/2.7-1.5B/5.3/1.9
Copenhagen Blue 21D6-22D6       6PB/4.0/7.9-4.5PB/4.3/7.4

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