German Purple/Green Camouflage Scheme

The WW! German purple/green camouflage scheme is not very well documented.
To my knowledge NO samples of this pattern exist at all, so any color choice will be a guess.
The Munsel numbers that I used below were provided to me by Greg Van Wyngarden, but he did not know where they came from or what evidence they were based on so made no claims as to there accuracy.
If anybody has any information/opinions on these colors, please feel free to contact me.

Purple 2.5P/2.7/3.7     Green 7.5Y/3.5/6   Lt. Blue 2.5PB/7.3/3.1

My personal opinion is that the above samples for the upper green/purple colors have too much red in the green and to little red in the purple.
Here are two maps that I used on my virtual DVa.
They are both pretty much the same hue on each just a slightly different brightness/saturation.
But, I have no real evidence as to what these colors actualy were, and absolutly no justification for my color choices.
Just my preference.


Here are some images that show how this color scheme renders out.
The bottom view is very dark because I was just too lazy to flip it over so that the "sun" could get at it.
As it stands it is only lit by the flash, but I selected an area on the wing and bumped up the brightnes so that you could get some kind of idea as to the color under more direct light.

alslo note:
The Von Schleich scheme is wrong in several ways - The lion should be facing forward and ther is NO black and white paint on the tail. However it does show the wing in a pretty good light so I included it here.
I'll replace the image with a corrected one later.