British Colors

Written by:Doug Jones and Guy Fawcett

Here is some information that I got from Guy Fawcett. It is the FS numbers and the Sig Dope formulas for Britsh WWI colors. The colors called for are the Sig Dope names and probably could be easily crossed to others.

Remember that the British upper surface colour is at the brown end of the range of colours for PC10 (varied from green to brown).

FS10045 British WWI Brown
5 parts Brown
2 parts White
1 part Dark Blue

FS11302 British WWI Red
5 parts Lemon Yellow (add til correct)
4 parts Fokker Red
Dark Blue (just a tiny amount)

FS17722 British WWI White
Lemon Yellow (tiny amounts)
Jet Black (tiny amounts)

FS15056 British WWI Blue
6 parts Dark Blue
1 part Tennessee Red
0.5 parts White

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