Re: Windsock stuff

Matt Bittner (
Mon, 7 Aug 1995 12:13:46 -0500

On 7 Aug 95 at 9:12, Thayer Syme sprecht:

> Reply to: RE>Windsock stuff
> I have the recent Pup Special and the Albatros Fighters. Is there reason to
> suspect that I want to add these reprints as well, or is the material pretty
> similar?

>From what I've read, the Datafile's contain _some_ material that
aren't in the Specials. Mostly pictures, and Ray's color renderings
of various aircraft. If you're a "completist", you'll want them. If
you feel like you have enough material in the Specials, then I
wouldn't bother. Me, I'm a completist. :-)