Ray's questions

10 Aug 1995 10:55:10 GMT

To Ray (and others interested),

Ray's questions concerning my 1/72 scale models on the web(?) page:

1) Alb D.V woodgrain tech.; Berol/Prismacolor colored pencils on matte
enamel. Drawn on using real woodgrain ex. to copy from. Re-sharpen
pencil every few lines drawn - tedious, but effective.

2) Navel four color hex lozenge camo.; From "Americal/Gryphon" decals
out of Houston, TX. See their ad in FSM mag. Lay in meter (scale) wide
strips (decals come this width) side by side to get them to line up
properly across the wing.

Thanks for the nice words!

Steve H.
(The Mad Norseman!)