Re: Scanned drawings, and such...

Paul Butler (
Wed, 9 Aug 1995 09:24:03 +1000

This could go on and on but...

If members of the list are really keen to have scanned images available,
a committee should be formed to make a formal case to copyright owners
such as Albatros Publications. Obviously there would be many issues to be
sorted out with the copyright owner to protect (his/her/their) rights.

It may not be workable but with all the recent talk elsewhere about changes
to the web to allow commercial transactions, it might be possible.

It must be done properly and legally. We cannot afford (particularly Alan, as
the moderator of the list) to allow to be seen by the
rest of the world as a hot bed or piracy and other socially undesirable

Recently, someone mentioned that someone else is making scanned drawings
available at a price. Is that service being provided legally?

Over to you

Paul Butler