Ford Model T

Karen adds:
One of the most widely used vehicles of WWI: 19,000 used by the British alone. They were built both in the US and the UK. The earliest Fords in service were ambulances only, as Henry Ford refused to let his cars be used in combat roles. Most famous adventures were in the Western Desert, Palestine, and Mesopotamia (read 'Iraq') as unarmored recon vehicles and machine-gun cars (see recent RPM kits). Lawrence of Arabia liked them better than Rolls Royce armored cars because they were lighter and less liable to get stuck in the sand.
Reference: "Military Transport of World War I", C. Ellis & D. Bishop

Ford Model T at the RAF museum.

These photos were taken by Knut Erik Hagen in July 2003.

Karen adds: This model is a 'Light Patrol Car'. Notice it has a left-hand [US] drive. The exact model year of the car pictured would take a Model T expert to determine.

Ford Model-T

These photos were taken by Michael Kendix at the Howard County Fair in Maryland in August, 2004.

Quantico Museum

The following photos are from the US Marine Corps Air-ground museum at Quantico. They were taken in Oct, 2001. Special thanks to Greg Balzer and Ken Smith-Christmas, the curator for arranging the visit.

Ford Model-T Ambulance, USAF Museum, Dayton

These photos were taken by Sanjeev Hirve and Lance Krieg in Sept 2003.

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