National Aviation Museum at Rockliffe, Ottawa Images

The following pictures are of from the National Aviation Museum at Rockliffe, Ottawa, Canada. They were taken by Kevin Barrett. For more information, Kevin can be contacted via E-mail at: His descriptions are below:

Here are scans of photos taken from two separate trips to the National Aviation Museum located just outside of Ottawa, Canada. The planes photographed include the AEG G.IV bomber, Nieuport 12, BE2c, SPAD 7, Sopwith Naval Camel, Sopwith Snipe, Sopwith Triplane, Avro 504K, and Farman Shorthorn.

With respect to the AEG G.IV, the museum staff provided me with a ladder and allowed me to climb up next to the plane to take shots of the cockpit and gunners' stations. Of interest is the unique stace the rear gunner must take as he mans his gun. I tood several pics of the engines and mountings. Note that the engines and rads (along with the fabric) are the only replica parts of the plane - the rest is original. I also snapped a few pics of the bomb racks and landing gear (and under-wing tank with guages) for detail's sake.

The Nie.12 also interested me, since it was a new display. You will see detail shots of the engine and bungie arrangement on the landing gear.

The BE2c is half-stripped away to reveal internal details. The propeller is most striking in real life.

The SPAD 7 is a restoration of a flying sample used during the filming of movies in the '30s. I took a close-up shot of the landing gear to show the split axle.

The Ship's Camel is quite nice. Here, the close-up shows off the Lewis gun arrangement and engine.

The Snipe is elevated off the museum floor. It is an airworthy example.

The Tripehound is (as far as I know) a replica and currently sits off the display floor without its wings. There is a cockpit shot and engine detail in the photos.

Finally, two extra photos are provided. One of the museum's Avro 504K and one of their Farman Shorthorn.

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