Norwegian Taube Images

The following pictures are of Knut Erik Hagen's Photos and scans. For more information, Knut can be contacted via E-mail at:

as it is today, exhibited at NTM

Taken in 1912, note what I belive are cut-outs for better visibility, on some drawings they have been interpreted as walk-ways. Worth thinking about the difference between single and double covered parts of wing and horizontal tail. Leading edge of wing is completely straight, no notch as Pegasus.

As previous picture, could be an interesting diorama.

While waiting for a Taube to be released in our prefered scale, here are some scans of Start currently exhibited in NTM. It is an 1912 Rumpler 3C rebuilt in 1913 as a 3F and restored to flying condition for a 10 year memorial flight in 1922 before set aside in Horten. Start was moved from Horten naval base after the German occupation in 1940 and later exhibited at Norsk Teknisk Museum.

The rebuild in 1913 was a complete one, they were not allowed to buy a new Taube after the crash, but instead they were told to order spare parts and repair it. So they ordered a new engine, wings, tailplane and undercarriage. Some details may differ from its condition when built in Germany, but it should give the general impression of a Taube cockpit.

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