Flugsport Scans

The following scans are courtesy of Jay Thompson. For more information, Jay can be contacted via E-mail at: vossie@mindspring.com

Here's some scans from the July 1918 copy of Flugsport that my wife recently collected for me on Ebay. These are some very nice detail drawings of the top and bottom V-strut attachments of what appears to be a 17/23, although I'm not sure as it only says "Nieuport". The Sopwith drawing is again a very nice detail drawing of the Sopwith Triplane's mid wing attachment, this one showing the details of the cabane struts. I don't understand this one; it's drawn very well and the details of the actual strut itself and the fittings at the wing center section attachment match with some good photos I have, but the camber of the airfoil looks like the artist mirrored it somehow. That is the camber and the way it's drawn seem to show the left middle wing, whereas the angle of the cabane strut would indicate we're looking at the right middle wing. If you can figure it out, let me know.

Two more follow up mails with detail drawings of the Albatros CV and Fokker Dr.I.

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