David Burke's Photos

The following pictures were taken by David Burke. For more information, David can be contacted via E-mail at: dora9@sprynet.com

I apologise for some of the poor-quality, but I was shooting indoors and was not permitted to use a flash.

This is the prop and logo that I photographed at Isle Sur Le Sorgue in Southern France. It was going for about $750, even though it's only half-there!

These are model aircraft made by the troops out of bullets. Though not totally accurate, they show how related modelling is to the trenches!

Two German helmets from WWI
These are infantry weapons.

I took this photo through window bars into one of the courtyards. Granted, all of the ammo there is not WWI, but quite a bit was.
This is the tomb of Marechal Foch. He is buried in the same building as Napoleon. Of interest is the uniforms of his bearers. A striking feature of note is how blue his alcove is.

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