Thomas-Morse S4c Scout

New Jersey

Jim Landon ( ) sent these scans of photos taken by Barry Stettler. Jim's description follows:

These are photos taken by Barry Stettler, of a Thomas Morse S4C Scout in a museum in New Jersey. Barry sent the original 4 X 5 prints to Jim Landon to help Jim with his model S4C. These photos formed the basis for certain details on Jim's model, especially the stitches on the wings, the ultra high gloss finish and the prop design. With Barry's permission Jim scanned them and sent them in so everyone can enjoy them.

Vintage Aviation Historical Foundation

Photographed by Lee Mensinger ( ) This aircraft is located in Pershing Texas and is owned by Roger Freeman and is thought to be the last flyable S4c in existence.

The owner, pilot, Roger Freeman has raised his hands to indicate that he has turned off the ignition and it is safe to help with the ground handling of the plane. The engine is a LeRhone Rotary with 80 HorsePower. it is extremely tail heavy and in flight it needs to have the control column far forward just to maintain level flight.

1-left side rudder and elevator cables 2-Airseed indicator detector 3-Cockpit area 4-Turtledeck forward 5- Elevator horn cable links 6-Right cockpit side 7-Control horns and gun 8-Right wing tip 9-Left front 10-Tow bar and tail skid 11-Rudder linkage 12-Rudder and elevator links 13-Lower wing connection 14-Rudder and elevator cables 16-Tm S4C on tow bar 17- On tow bar left side 18-on tow bar left front 19-Firewall and castor oil 20-Cowling and castor oil 22-Landing Gear spacer with oil drops

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