Curtiss JN4 "Jenny" Images

Canada Air Museum

Lance Kreig Took these photos of a JN-4 Cannuck at the Canada Air Museum.

Note leather cowl straps and wing-walkers' handholds on lower wingtips.

Virginia Aviation Museum, Richmond

The following photos were taken by Caz Dalton in Feb, 2004.

US Navy

Ernest Thomas sent these scans of a Curtiss JN4 "Jenny".

Vintage Aviation Service

Lee Mensinger ( sent this Jenny scan with the following comments:

The is a Curtiss Jn-4D that was made virtually from scratch. The engine (OX-5) of course was available and totally restored to excellent working condition. The photo was taken on the first day of flight, 24 November 2001. T his is the second flight. The first was a brief test hop which was done with no cameras around.

Altitude about 200 feet and around 70 MPH. Pilot Roger Freeman Owner of Vintage Aviation Services Inc and the location is Old Kingsbury Aerodrome, north of I-10, and, just south of Kingsbury, Texas on highway 1104.

National Air & Space Museum

Michael Wuyek took these photos at the NASM in January 2008.

Michael adds:
(I) took these photos of the Curtiss Jenny hanging in the Transportation section. You can see the aircraft from the balcony above, but unfortunately they have covered the cockpits.

I find the under wing roundels fascinating. Looking forward to them being posted.

Quantico Jenny

The following photos are from the US Marine Corps Air-ground museum at Quantico. They were taken in Oct, 2001. Special thanks to Greg Balzer and Ken Smith-Christmas, the curator for arranging the visit.


Mark Miller sent these scans of a Hispano Suissa powered Jenny which is being restored at Rhinebeck NY.

USAF Museum, Dayton

Lance Krieg took these photos in Sept 2003.

Lance adds:
Aircraft has brass radiator and the heat has distorted the thin metal engine panels on the fuselage side. Undercarriage struts are reinforced with tape. Turnbuckles are black. Fabric is tacked to ribs on underside of wings, then taped, with the tacks clearly showing. Note brown leather cowl straps with brass buckles.

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