Anatra Anasal

Pedro Soares ( ) took the following photos. His description follows:

The photos were taken at the National Technical Museum (Narodni Technicke Muzeum) of Prague and I regret to say that I know nothing about the origin or service history of the aircraft. According to Charles Hart, the aircraft is in full original condition (the museum identification plaque shows the date 1917, which was probably the manufacturing year). Apart from that I know nothing, so maybe one of our Czech friends could add a couple of lines to the photos.

Anatra Anasal

Miroslav Pokorny ( ) sent in the following photos. His description is below:

Lubos Vinar's pics of Salmson engine accompanied with my pics are probably the ultimate photo set of Anatra at the moment. Hopefully during NTM building reconstruction someone will take detailed walk-around when Anatra hung down from museum's ceiling. As well LWF Tractor's & other aircraft...

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