French Machine guns and Small arms

French Fusil Mitrailleuse M 15 (Chauchat)

These photos were take at the WWI fly-in and the USAF museum.

Hotchkiss MG

Tojhusmuseet, København (Royal Danish Arsenal museum)

Knut Erik Hagen took these photos in March 2004. Tojhusmuseet, København (Royal Danish Arsenal museum).

Behind the Hotchkiss are a Lewis and a Chauchat

Museo Aeronautico Coronel Aviador Jaime Meregalli de Uruguay

These photos were taken by Martín-Héctor Afflitto Echagüe in April 2005


Knut Erik Hagen took these photos in March, 2004 at the Forsvarsmuseet (Armed Forces Museum), at Akershus Castle, in Oslo.

Knut adds:
This is the 6.5mm Hotchkiss MG. They were acquired by the Norwegian army during the tension before Norway broke free from Swedish rule in 1905, they were then very much "state of the art" and set up in fortifications along the border.

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