British Machine guns and Small arms

37mm COW Gun

Knut Erik Hagen thook this photo at the RAF Museum in May 2004.

Gardner MG

Knut Erik Hagen took these photos in March 2004 at the Tojhusmuseet, København (Royal Danish Arsenal museum). Plaque reads: Year 1889, calibre 8mm, Rate: 360-500 rds/min.

Lewis MG

US Marine Corps Air-ground museum at Quantico, Oct 2001.

Special thanks to Greg Balzer and Ken Smith-Christmas, the curator for arranging the visit.

Museo Aeronautico Coronel Aviador Jaime Meregalli de Uruguay

These photos were taken by Martín-Héctor Afflitto Echagüe in April 2005

Vienna Tech Museum, 1997

Photos by Toby Young.

Vickers Machine gun

These photos were take at the WWI fly-in and the USAF museum, in Dayton. The aircraft is a repro Camel.

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