Zeppelin LZ113 at Musée de l'Air

Laurent Angot took these photos in 1990.

Laurent adds:
The LZ113 (construction number LZ83) is a Zeppelin of type R.
First flight : 22/02/1917
Length : 196.5 m
Diameter : 23.93 m
Capacity : 55200 m3
Motorization : 6 Maybach engines developing 1440 HP (total)

LZ113 was handed over to the French authority in Maubeuge, as were L72 (future "Dixmude") and the Nordstern (renamed "Méditerranée"). But unlike the other two ships, LZ113 would never fly again. It would be disassembled and used for static wind tests.

Visit Laurent's web-site for more on LZ 113.

Brussels Zeppelin L30

These photos were kindly provided by Knut Erik Hagen. The photos were taken in Feb 2003 at the Royal Army and Military History Museum (Musée Royal de l'Armée et d'Histoire Militaire / Koninklijk Museum van het Leger en de Krijgsgeschiedenis) in Brussels , Belgium.

History of L 30

c/n LZ 62 was built as the first r class airship in Friedrichshafen early 1916. Capacity 56.000 CuM, armed with ten guns and 5000kg of bombs. Operated from Ahlhorn, Nordholz, Tondern and Seerappen conducting 10 raids and 31 scouting missions among 123 flights before withdrawn from active service in late 1917. Dismantled and handed over to Belgium in 1920. Also see Maybach engine.

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