Seimens Schukert D.IV

Siemens Schukert D.IV from the Omaka Museum, New Zealand

Photos by James Fahey

I hope you are still happy to receive more photos from the Museum from Omaka. I don't have much specific information concerning this aircraft, but I understand that it is a flyable reproduction. The museum website has this short note:

"Easily the most photographed exhibit at the AHC is the 'aeroplane in a tree' display. Here we see a Royal Flying Corps Nieuport biplane that has been damaged in a dogfight with a German Siemens Schukert. The Nieuport has crashed in a large tree and the pilot has managed to clamber down where he has been greeted warmly by the German flyer who has landed nearby.

The two flyers share a cigarette as German soldiers look on, all of them standing in a think carpet of snow to produce what must be one of the most dramatic museum displays to be seen anywhere in New Zealand. "

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