Hannover Cl.V

Knut Erik Hagen sent in these images. They were taken at the Norsk Teknisk Museum.

Norwegian built Hannover Cl.V. Fourteen aircraft were built at the Army Air Arm Workshop at Kjeller in 1923/4. Powered by a 185hp BMW engine they were employed as light scouts, but the grade of plywood did not stand up against Norwegian climate and they were replaced by Fokker CVe aircraft. They seem to follow the German original rather closely, and do not have the standard Scarf mount as other Norwegian aircraft of the period. The color scheme is typical of Norwegian Army Air Arm aircraft between the wars, using paint of British origin or similar domestic products.

CLVtop - note cutouts and position of fuel tank. Seat for pilot and "hammock" for observer is visible.
keclv01 - BMW 185hp engine and radiator.
keclv02 - BMW 185hp engine and radiator.
keclv03 - Radiator
keclv04 - BMW 185hp engine and radiator from the other side, note exhaust,
tank and structure inside wing
keclv05 - Sideview and wingstructure
keclv06 - Fuselage and strut to wing.
keclv07 - Observer/gunners position, note "hammock" and German type mounting.
keclv08 - Looking into fuselage from behind, note "hammock" and seat
keclv09 - Cockpit
keclv10 - Cockpit
keclv11 - Cockpit
keclv12 - Undercarriage
keclv13 - Wing, note cutouts do not match drawings from Windsock

June 2004

Knut visits the museum again...

Knut adds:
Hauk was the name of Norwegian built Hannover Cl.V used in the twenties. Aircraft seem to contain a lot of German made parts.

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