Dr Jim Parks

Randy J Ray ( ) took the following photos. His description follows:

These photos are of a replica-built Fokker D.VII by Dr. Jim Parks. Dr. Parks is well-known for his hobby of building flying replicas of WWI birds from original plans. The engine is not the original Mercedes, and the instruments in the cockpit have to conform with FAA specs (though they look to have an accurate *placement*, if the instruments themselves are not original). Other than that, you're looking at the same thing basically that Ernst Udet was. This aircraft was housed at the Jefferson County Airport, west of Denver. It was moved to the Wings Over the Rockies Aviation and Space Museum in August, 1995. It is currently displayed next to their B-1A Lancer tactical bomber.

Dec 16, 2003

Stephen T. Lawson sent the following update:
Aquarius is no more. As of today she has been removed and she now wears an all silver primer in preparation for her new identity as "Du doch Nicht!!" We are moving the engine about 4-6 inches forward in the frame (we have the room to do this without adding any significant extensions.) Hopefully we can change the cowling panels to match as well.

Mike Fletcher

The following are Mike Fletcher's photos. For more information, Mike can be contacted via E-mail at:

"Restoration was halted and it was returned to storage because there was a problem (whose nature has vanished from my memory) with the machine. It is possible that this turned out to be a different airframe(s) than originally thought and they were unable to get anything on it (I will check this out when I get to Ottawa)."

Albatros-built Nikchen IV

Photos by lance Krieg

Photos by Tom Plesha

The following are photos of "Nikchen IV" taken at the WWI Fly-in at Dayton in Sept 2003.

USAF Museum Dayton

These photos were taken by Sanjeev Hirve at the USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton in sept 2003.

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