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Musée de l'Air, Le Bourget

Photos by Laurent Angot, 1991

Photos by Nigel Rayner

Fokker D-VII 68010/18 (Albatros Built) Brome County Historical Society Museum, Knowlton, Quebec

These photos were taken by Jim Charters ( Jim's comments:

This is an original, unrestored Fokker D-VII built by Albatros (68010/18) housed at the Brome County Historical Society Museum in Knowlton, Quebec.

I am a member of the Great War Flying Museum ( in Brampton, Ontario. We build, maintain and fly a number of replica aircraft. One of our replicas is a Fokker D-VII, so when I was in Knowlton, Quebec in August 2005 I shot about 100 high resolution (2048x1536 pixel) detail images of their Fokker for our own reference.

There's a bit of overlap and repetition in my set, I had only a small amount of time there and had to rush. The lighting was poor and I was only using a small 3.2 megapixel digital camera with the built-in flash. However, most of them turned out quite well and may be of interest to visitors to your web site.

Deutsches Museum, Munich

Hans Trauner ( ) sends the following in: The Deutsches Museum in Munich holds a former dutch Fokker D VII. It is now in the Schleißheim branch, a building which was started in 1917 and finished in 1918/19.

The fate of the Fokker is still full of enigmas. Below the recent painting dutch markings were found through a research in the 1990's. Appearently it was never armed and the last alteration was made in the Netherlands in 1935. The Fokker belongs to the Museum since 1948 and it was not altered since then. The painted lozenge scheme is a 1940's work. There are no current plans to 'restore' it to any WWI appearence, following the museum politics not to fake any paintings and markings.

Fliegermuseum Duebendorf

These photos were sent by Hans Weber. They were taken at the Fliegermuseum in Duebendorf, Switzerland.

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

The following pictures were taken by Diego Fernetti. For more information, Diego can be contacted via E-mail at: . His comments are below:

The Fokker DVII is from the Smithsonian. The room is very dark -maybe to protect the artifacts from the light- but this resulted in lousy pictures.

Militaire Luchtvaart Museum, Soesterberg

Fokker DVII, serial 2523.

Photos by Paul Thompson, July 2003

Paul adds:
This machine went to America and was used in the film Hell's Angels. Eventually it was bought by Fokker in 1981, returned to the Netherlands, rebuilt, and painted up as postwar 266 of the Klu, although it was originally a wartime German machine.

Photos taken by Mike Muth, August 2000

Mike adds: A few close shots of the Fokker D VII. You can get very close to the airplane and no one seems to care. A nice museum about 45 minutes outside of Amsterdam. The only on topic airplane is the Fokker.

Knowlton, Quebec

Lance Kreig Took these photos of an unrestored Albatros-built Fokker D.VII at Knowlton, Quebec.

Building that houses this plane custom-built in 1920, and now mostly surrounded by mature trees. When this plane last was moved (1963?), the wall was removed to allow the machine to pass. It's here for good, I'd wager.
These machines are so well documented that I limited myself to some cockpit interiors, and an atmospheric shot of the artifact in situ. It was worth the trip…

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