Albatros D.V/Va

Australian War Memorial

Charles Hart ( ) took the following photos during a visit to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, Australia in July, 1995. Charles' descriptions follow:

Last but certianly not least are five prints of Albatros D-Va D.5390/17. This machine was also restored during the 1960's and it is featured in the Windsock Datafile and Special for this type. Again the markings worn at capture are represented, and like the Pfalz, the wings were recovered in new fabric to represent 5-color lozenge. Note how the pattern is applied span-wise across the wings. The lower surfaces of the lower wing are overpainted in light blue and have plain eiserne kreuze with no white outline.


The following pictures were taken by Diego Fernetti. For more information, Diego can be contacted via E-mail at: His comments are below:

The Albatros DVa is from the Smithsonian. The room is very dark -maybe to protect the artifacts from the light- but this resulted in lousy pictures.

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