Albatros D.III OFFAG

Albatros D.III OFFAG 253.01

WWI enthusiast are surely familiar with the name Koloman Mayrhofer. Since 14 years he (an also his team) works to realize a dream - a 1:1 repro of the famous Albatros D.III (Oeffag) a plane which wasn´t surviving the years. After 14.000 hrs of researching, building and testing he has finished his project and his dream has come alive. You can see now this plane until the 2nd Sept 2007 in an special exibition of the "Stadtmusem Wiener Neustadt" south of vienna. This museum gave an original Austro-Daimler 225hp flying-engine as a loan for this stunning project. Its really fantastic to stand now in front of this fantastic built plane, which is an important part of aviation history. If you are in this area - a visit is def. a MUST!

Thanks to Koloman Mayrhofer and all others who made this dream come true. Walter Lampel

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