Albatros B.I

Heeresgeschichtliche Museum

The Heeresgeschichtliche Museum ( Museum for Army History) holds a perfect restored Albatros B.I. It is the first sample of a series of licence built Albatros B.I and survived because it was not delivered to the front to serve as a master and for evaluation purposes. The engine is a wooden mock-up, but a real engine is placed nearby. This Albatros 20.01 was still built in Germany and delivered to Österr. Albatros ( later Phoenix-Flugzeugwerke). In the beginning of the war the Austrians did not use the same designation system as the Germans and so this type was called Albatros DD. Only 9 of them were built, including variants with a Knoller-built wing. Further on, this type was built in the 21.xx-series as Albatros B.I, 23.01 - 23.32 with Knoller wings, plus around 70 in the 24.xx series. Please note the wood colouring, the clearly visible nailing and the 'suck-in' effect on the underside of the top wing ribs. Images provide by Hans Trauner.

Swedish Airforce museum, Linköping

Pedro Soares took these photos in summer, 2003.

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