Lance Kreig Took these photos at the Canadian Air Museum. Pride of the collection, the museum has resorted to atypical engines and radiators for display, and these are not correct for this machine. The interior is painted in gray-green, another case for the origins of RLM 02. Rib tapes are very slim; really nothing more than ribbons. Metalwork, including struts and fittings is all painted black. There is a mat of a similar color beneath both engines and attached to the wing surface; this appears to be oilcloth. Also note the non-skid walkways on the wing surface leading to the engines; it appears that engineers were expected to perform some in-flight maintenance!

The bombgear, set for seven bombs, is quite complicated and it would appear from the triggering mechanisms that any combination of individual and salvo drops were possible. The bowden cables for these passed out of the port fuselage side and down through the wing. There is a porthole aperture under the nose; presumably for an optical (Goerz?) bombsight.

Note petrol gauges in overhead central section gas tank, use of brass turnbuckles throughout, and some odd instrument on starboard outboard fore interplane strut (ASI? Doesn't look like it…) Formation lights on outboard struts; green starboard, red port.

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