Musée de l'Air, Le Bourget

Photos by Knut Erik Hagen

Photos by Laurent Angot, 1991

Photos by Nigel Rayner

Photos by Pedro Soares

Eddie Rickenbacker

A photo of Eddie Rickenbacker in his SPAD 13.

SPAD XIII (replica) at IWM Duxford

Photos by Knut Erik Hagen, July 2003.


Neil Crawford took the following photos of the Spad 13 "Smith IV" at the Smithsonian in Washington.

Rhinebeck Aerodrome

Erik Pilawskii ( ) took the following photo of the SPAD 13 cockpit that originally belonged to Rheinbeck but has since been relocated to the USAF Museum.

Unknown Museum

Douglas R. Jones ( ) took the following photos.

Eric Whipple ( sends this update on these photos: I am writing to provide you with information concerning the photos of the replica of Frank Luke's SPAD XIII "26" in your photo archive. The photos were taken at the Champlin Fighter Museum at Falcon Field, near Mesa, Arizona*. Formerly owned by Doug Champlin, whose father was a P-38 ace in the PTO, the SPAD XIII replica currently resides with the lion's share of his collection in the Personal Courage Wing of Boeing's Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA. Doug Champlin dedicated his life to honoring the aviators who flew these wondrous machines to glory and his replicas are among the best anywhere. Don't know if you're interested in adding the museum information to the page, but I thought I'd pass it your way just in case.

*I used to sweep the hangars there weekly- it was an excuse to be near the planes alot. :)

Brussels SPAD 13

The photos were taken at the Royal Army and Military History Museum (Musée Royal de l'Armée et d'Histoire Militaire / Koninklijk Museum van het Leger en de Krijgsgeschiedenis) in Brussels , Belgium.

Photos by Neil Crawford

Photos by Knut Erik Hagen, Feb 2003

Photos by Mike Muth, August 2000

Mike adds: Like the Soesterburg museum in NL, this is another museum that lets you get pretty close to the airplanes without much trouble.

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