Nieuport 81E.2 or 83 E.2

Eric Gallaud took these pictures in the Tokorosawa Aviation Museum in 2001 in Japan. It is possibly an 83 E.2 mislabelled by the museum.

It is a replica of a Nieuport 81E2. The 81E2 is based on the Nie-12 design and was a 2 seat trainer. Forty 81E2 were brought to Japan in 1919 by a French mission. They were also built under license by Mitsubishi.

Japan received and also built also several 83E2. Maybe the replica represents a modification on the license built planes. The 83E2s were also used at Tokorosawa.

Mike Fletcher adds:
[it is] actually an 83 E.2 since it has the vertical struts, unless they based in on the Rhinebeck machine, which had replacement wings from an 83 E.2.

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