Nieuport 28

Fliegermuseum Duebendorf

These photos were sent by Hans Weber. They were taken at the Fliegermuseum in Duebendorf, Switzerland.

National Air and Space Museum

Mark Miller took these photos of a Nieuport 28 under restoration at the Garber facility in Washington DC. in 1996

Don Rinker Collection

These first set of images were provided by Don Rinker ( ) his comments are below:

All the pics are of various Nie.28C planes.

Photots 1 thru 6 are various views of an Nie.28 in Switzerland aquired by them in 1919 as part of their self defense force. How or why they completely unassembled the plane and took the documentation photos is unknown.

One of two of these pics appeared in Rimmel's Nie.28 datafile. The rest have never been published AFAIK since the orginal prints came to me via Ed Ferko about 10 years ago. Pretty damn sharp for structural details. Note that this particular model uses one of the lattice type seats. The only instrumentation shown in any of the photos is the magneto, a few switches, the gascolator, and a Jaeger Tach.
The last two photos came to me as a result of meeting Ken Porter, a pilot with the 147th Aero. He was in B flight. I also have some COLOR photos of his personal Squadron marking. If you look closey at the one photo (the one with the pilot) you'll see the marking. It's a small scotty Dog holding a rat in his mouth with several other dead rats on a line. The dead rats were kill tallys. The dog is saying " Who said Rats?"

San Diego Air Museum

A beautiful Nieuport Nie.28 replica as found in the San Diego Air Museum. This machine has been in and out of flyable condition, but it states that it will not return to the former again. Note the "Hat-in-the-Ring" emblem of 94th Aero. Image courtesy of Erik Pilawskii ( ).

USAF Museum, Dayton

Photos by Lance Krieg

Lance adds:
This is a mid-1990s reproduction of very high quality. Note copper (?!) turnbuckles and copious use of black/white/gold Nieuport logo. Flying wires are doubled, and these taped together. The wooden struts have black enamel end caps that are fitted into natural steel-colored flanges and are reinforced with tan tapes lighter than the wood. The air induction tube is aluminum. Venture ASI is black enamel, with visible copper tubes therein. There is a brass cap on the propeller thrust plate, as well as on the wheel hubs. The cabane struts have a black base. Note cowl ring rivets. Also note leather patches reinforcing critical wing fabric points.

Photos by Matt Bittner

For more information, Matt can be contacted via E-mail at:

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