Morane-Saulnier Type AI

Fantasy of Flight Museum, Polk City, Florida

This aircraft resides at the Fantasy of Flight Museum, in Polk City, FL, USA.

Jack Gartner

These next images are of the same aircraft at the same place, but provided by Jack Garntner.

Lyle Lamboley, 2000

This particular machine was purchased by the USAS as a trainer, ended up as part of the Tall-Mantz collection and was eventually purchased by Kermit Weeks.

The Escadrille emblem on this particular MoS AI is for Escadrille 15 - an Escadrille not known to have flown the Type AI. The three recorded Escadrilles that flew the AI were MSP 156, MSP 158 and MSP 161. Unfortunately little is known - and no known photographs exist - of Escadrille 161.

These pictures provided by Lyle Lamboley, and used with his permission.

Important Note: The sixth, seventh and tenth images have been "lightened" to bring out some of the detail. Please keep that in mind as you view them for color information.

You can read more about this specific aircraft at the Fantasy of Flight site.
Images © Lyle Lamboley 2000

Rhinebeck Aerodrome

Jack Gartner adds:
I came across a shot I took of an MoS AI at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in New York when I visited several years ago. Notice that it is an inaccurate representation of Shaffer's bird! :-) I don't know if this is the same one that is now in Fantasy of Flight, but attached the picture for inclusion as well.

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