Maurice Farman MF.7 Images

Musée de l'Air Paris Farman MF.7

Photos by Eric Gallaud, 2004

Photos by Lance Krieg, 2001

All metal work painted a dark gray. Booms, struts, and control horns varnished wood. Reinforcement of wrapped fabric at strategic points of wood members painted blue-gray. Water pipes are natural copper, pump natural steel. Note exhaust stacks are black-finished. Fabric tacked to wing ribs from both above and below, and without rib tapes on the undersides.

Photos by Len Smith, 1996

A side-ish view of the nacelle, a look at the engine area and a glimpse of the cockpit (especially the instrument panel!).

Norsk Teknisk Museum

These pictures of Farman Longhorn #1 were taken at Oslo`s Science Museum NTM. This aircraft has previously been known as #16 and "Olav Tryggvesson".

It was delivered from France in April 1914 and served with the Army Air Arm until 1925 when it was set aside for museum purposes. A total of some 60 Farman pushers served with the Norwegian Air Arms from 1912 to the late twenties, it is impossible to give a more accurate figure because of the many crashes/rebuilds that took place.

Beside the Longhorn in NTM is there a later Farman construction (F.46) displayed at Flysamlingen Gardermoen. They will be joined by a flying replica being built at by volunters from the RNoAF Material Command at Kjeller with the use of surviving parts and drawings.

Both set of photos are taken by Knut Erik Hagen.

June 2004

Looks like some changes were made to the plane since Knut photographed it last.

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