Teknisk Museum i Helsingør in Denmark

Knut Erik Hagen took these photos in March 2004.

Musée de l'Air at Paris, Le Bourget.

These photos were taken by Eric Gallaud.

Eric adds:
The Donnet-Lévêque was inspired by the Curtiss floatplanes. It was drawn by Denhaut and was the first French flying boat. Its first flight took place at Juvisy near Paris on 15 March 1912. The 9th of August 1912, Conneau try to go to London from Paris but had an accident at Boulogne This is an original plane.

Technical data :
Wingspan : 9.5m
Length : 7.8m
Weight : 380kg
Speed : 110km/h
Engine : Gnome 7 cylinders, 50hp

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